After Hours Care

If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or proceed immediately to the nearest emergency room.  The emergency room will contact Dr. Hirsch after you arrive.

What if I have an urgent but non-life threatening medical questions that arises after hours?
Please call the main office number for instructions on how to contact Dr. Hirsch directly on his cell phone. Note: To reach Dr. Hirsch after-hours you must call and leave a voicemail message on his cell phone. Dr. Hirsch is not able to respond text messages or after-hours Portal Messages.

Where is the best place to take my child during a true medical emergency?
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room in Rockville – Located about 1 mile from Hirsch Pediatrics, the SGAH ER offers the highest level of ER care with specialty trained pediatric ER physicians.

What if my child does not have a true medical emergency but I need some advice on what to do now?
Fortunately the vast majority of childhood illnesses and injuries can safely wait until the next business day. Please see our section Hirsch Medical Advice for specific guidance on how to manage typical concerns like fever, vomiting, cough/congestion, and other topic as well as when your child should be seen urgently or for an office visit. If you are still concerned, then please call Dr. Hirsch directly on his cell phone and leave a voicemail message.

Can I go to an Urgent Care center or Convenience Care clinic instead of an ER?
Yes, Urgent Care centers and Convenience Care Clinics are a good choice for the vast majority of simple illnesses and injuries and are usually much less expensive than the ER. You should go to an ER for the following illnesses: fever in child under age 2 months, head injury that involves loss of consciousness, significant difficulty breathing, and dehydration that may require intravenous fluids.

Which Urgent Care centers or Convenience Care Clinics does Dr. Hirsch recommend?
There are several qualified locations including Physicians Now Urgent Care located at 15215 Shady Grove Road (building adjacent to Hirsch Pediatrics) and the CVS Minute Clinics (good for very simple illnesses like cold symptoms, pink eye, sore throat). Note: I usually do not recommend any Righttime Medical Care centers because in my experience they will overtreat and overdiagnose most children.