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Meet Alex Walker

Meet Alex Walker – Lactation Consultant 


At Hirsch Pediatrics, we believe that optimum baby care is an important partnership between parents and their pediatrician. It is our job to provide families with the support they need to maintain a healthy baby. That is why we are so pleased to announce our partnership with Alexandra (“Alex”) Walker, RN IBCLC who specializes in breast feeding support.

Alex is a registered nurse and a board certified lactation consultant, hand-picked by Hirsch Pediatrics for her expertise and sensitivity. Alex is skilled in assessing and managing the needs of individual moms and babies in a variety of circumstances including first time moms and moms with other children, twins, and premature babies. Alex became a board-certified lactation consult in 2010, after completing a rigorous training program that included over 500 clinical hours at Inova Fairfax Hospital. Seeking a deeper understanding of her field, Alex continued her education by becoming a registered nurse, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2015 from the University of Maryland School of Nursing with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Alex also holds a MA from Tufts University, and a BA from Georgetown University.

“Like many women, I had assumed breastfeeding was natural and easy. Understandably, I was in for quite a shock after my first daughter was born in 2005. I experienced breastfeeding difficulty almost immediately and was amazed at how little support was available for something so important. I came very close to giving up, all because I couldn’t get the kind of support and expertise that I needed. It was this experience as a breastfeeding mother that inspired me to become a lactation consultant. Quite simply, I want to provide breastfeeding mothers with the kind of support that they need and deserve.”

– Alex Walker, RN, IBCLC

“I am so pleased to have Alex join our family as the Hirsch Pediatrics lactation consultant. As a solo practice with high standards of patient care, I have found that Alex has an exceptional ability to connect with nursing moms. Her compassion and warmth ensure every new mom is treated with respect and care. Working with Alex, we designed The Hirsch Pediatrics Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Program to provide support to breast feeding moms and to promote successful nursing and bonding.”

– Dr. Steven Hirsch, MD, FAAP

Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Program

What is the Hirsch Pediatrics Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Program? 

The Hirsch Pediatrics Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Program was designed by Dr. Hirsch in partnership with Alex Walker to provide support to breast feeding moms and to promote successful nursing and bonding. In 2016, Hirsch Pediatrics received the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition “Breastfeeding-Friendly Healthcare Provider” Gold Level for our commitment to support breastfeeding moms.

How do I participate in the Hirsch Pediatrics Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Program?

All breast feeding moms are encouraged to schedule Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom appointments to evaluate both the physical and emotional needs of the breast feeding mom.

What can I expect at my Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Appointment?

Moms will meet with our Hirsch Pediatrics lactation consultant for an extended 30-60 minute appointment. Below please find a sampling of topics that will be covered at the appointment. In addition to answering individual questions, Alex will. . .

  • Discuss optimal feeding schedule and care plan to meet your goals.
  • Examine latch and discuss techniques to improve comfort of breastfeeding.
  • Review the use of various breast feeding supplies and pumps to improve overall comfort and success.
  • Arrange for hospital grade breast pump if needed.
  • Assist breastfeeding moms with returning to work strategies.
  • Evaluate for postpartum blues and postpartum depression and discuss treatments or referrals if needed.
  • Arrange follow-up office appointments and/or phone calls as needed.

Will my insurance cover a Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom appointment with the Hirsch Pediatrics lactation consultant?

Yes! All office appointments with Alex, the Hirsch Pediatrics lactation consultant, are covered in-network with your insurance. As a reminder all in-network care may still have a copay or deductible.

Alex Walker is also available for home visits in most of Montgomery County. Home visits are billed fee for service and utilize your out-of-network benefits. Please see for a complete list of home services and fees.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Hirsch Pediatrics is now offering FREE prenatal breastfeeding classes by Alex Walker to any expecting parents. Please click here for more information about our upcoming class and how to register. Note: Expecting Dads are also encouraged to attend!

Our Next Class:

Wednesday, July 12th, from 5:30 – 7:00 PM