Asthma and Wheezing

Please Note: These guidelines are only for children who are fully vaccinated with no chronic medical illnesses.

These guidelines provide general guidance and should not be used as a substitute for the individual advice provided over the phone or at an appointment. If you have any significant or ongoing concerns, please call the office.  Please contact Hirsch Pediatrics or go to the ER if your child is under 2 months old and has a fever (rectal temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or 38 Celsius).

These guidelines are written for patients of Hirsch Pediatrics and may not be copied or used without the written permission of Dr. Hirsch.

Hirsch Pediatrics is excited to announce our Asthma Quality Initiative (QI), launched in 2015 in collaboration with Children’s National Health System. The goal of this QI is to identify and track all children in Hirsch Pediatrics with a history of asthma or recurrent wheezing and to optimize your child’s care through the use of “best practices” described by Children’s and national guidelines.

Please see below important links with videos and documents that are useful for our QI as well as your child’s “asthma team appointment.”

Hirsch Pediatrics Asthma QI Welcome Letter

Asthma Diagnosis and Management (Extensive Handout Written by Dr. Hirsch)

Allergy Management (Additional Handout Written by Dr. Hirsch)

Here’s A Great Video Showing “What is an Asthma Flare?”

Children’s Hospital Asthma Clinic (1:34)

Asthma Flare Diagram

“Why Use a Spacer with an Inhaler?” Diagram

Asthma Medication Chart

Asthma Assessment Questionnaire: Pediatric Asthma Control and Communication Instrument (PACCI)

Note: This brief 12 question survey can be completed online before your appointment Hirsch Pediatrics CHADIS account. To access the PACCI, select “asthma/wheezing” for appointment type after logging in to CHADIS.

Stepwise Approach to Managing Asthma

Video Showing Effective Spacer Use (2:49)

Asthma Action Plan Templates (customizable):

Age 0-4 Asthma Action Plan
Age 5-11 Asthma Action Plan
Age 12 and older Asthma Action Plan

Basic Asthma Action Plan for Maryland

Two Great Websites with Asthma Information:

KidsHealth Asthma Control Center
Asthma Care Guidelines (from University of Michigan Health System)