2020 – 2021 Flu Vaccine

(updated 07/31/20)

During this unprecedented era in healthcare, we wanted to share with you our plans for ensuring that we can administer the flu vaccine to your child as expeditiously, safely, and conveniently as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are answers to your most common questions:

Should my child get the flu vaccine?

  • Absolutely. Dr. Hirsch as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend that everybody be vaccinated against the flu, especially young children and infants.

When do you expect to have flu vaccine for my child?

  • September

How can my child receive the flu vaccine once it is available?

  • Instead of having our daily indoor “walk-in” flu clinic, we will conduct our first ever “OUTDOOR WALK-UP” flu clinics every week.
  • We will have a table set up outdoors next to our office so you can receive your flu vaccine without having to come inside our building.
  • Though details for our OUTDOOR WALK-UP flu clinics are TBD though we expect it to be very convenient for our families.
  • Your child can also receive the vaccine at his/her regularly scheduled check-up.
  • At this time to maintain less patient traffic in the office we will not be scheduling in-office appointments for the flu vaccine.

Can parents and caregivers also receive the flu vaccine at Hirsch Pediatrics?

  • Yes. If flu vaccine supplies are ample for our patients we are happy to vaccinate and encourage all parents and caregivers to receive the flu vaccine. Not only will this protect those individuals from the flu, it will significantly protect their children from flu exposure as well. The cost to adults and caregivers for the flu vaccine is $45.
  • Reimbursement Note: Hirsch Pediatrics is able to offer the flu vaccine to adults and caregivers as a courtesy. By receiving your flu vaccine at Hirsch Pediatrics, you agree to pay the above noted cost and will not submit this to your insurance for in-network reimbursement. For non-patients, any insurance contracted or reduced amounts will not apply. Should you prefer to pay a reduced rate (i.e. co-pay), you must contact your own primary care physician or other health clinic to receive the vaccine.

Some children will need two doses of flu vaccine separated by 1 month. How many doses will my child need?

  • Children ages 6 months through 8 years who have never received the flu vaccine before will need 2 doses separated by 1 month. Children who are at least 9 years old will only need 1 dose regardless of previous vaccination history.

I do not recall if my child received the flu vaccine last year. How can I find out this information?

  • Simply log into your patient portal account and you can view your child’s personal health record (PHR) which will include a history of all previous vaccines given. Please contact Hirsch Pediatrics if you need a login and password for your patient portal account.

Is the flu vaccine covered by my insurance?

  • Yes! Most if not all insurances will cover the flu vaccine fully. Please check with your insurance to confirm coverage if you have any questions.